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someone shake the house. >> reporter: just across the road the sound startled teri thatcher and her husband eye never heard brakes. it sound like his door was slamming. it was like i think someone hit the curve, so he came out right away and walked around. when he did, he saw the car over there. >> police would later determine the westbound car had crossed the center lane in the path of a dodge neon that struck the passenger side killing 17-year-old michael mcverry, a senior at westminster high school. >> there was not we could do for the one young man that died. >> reporter: the twisting two lane road has a hex of accidents. sandwiched between a pair of utility poles and this stretch where there's little rm for error. >> there's always someone hitting a telephone pole or wiping out from not being
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protected. we contacted the county and spoke about maybe putting some type of notice or guardrails around there to cause youngsters to slow down, but as of this point we haven't seen anything yet. >> in carroll county, jeff hager. >> mcverry was a passenger in the car driven by 18 -- 18-year-old nicolas gaetani. police said there's no sign that alcohol or drugs played a role. >> a gunman knocked down the door of a home and shot. >> reporter: it happened at about 9:30 last night in the 2500 block of west lafayette street. baltimore city police said three people were shot at the scene. the two brothers later died at the hospital.
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the mother, wheel shot in the face -- while shot in the face survived. it's unclear who was the target of the shooting or if that person was even home at the time. police are looking for more than just one suspect but say they need your help to find them. >> approximately three to four suspects involves. again, like i said, we're exploring all motives. we're asking the public if anyone has information could give our homicide investigators a call. >> reporter: again, police are hoping someone saw a group of people running away from this scene last nit around 9:30. if you think you can help call 410-396-2100. now we tack you to anne arundel county where a robber smooth as walmart worker and a burning car was found blocks
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away. the gunman got away with the cash but returned to the store and order the 28-year-old woman into the parking lot and shot her. investigators believe the burning car was the vehicle used in a robbery attempt. the walmart worker was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. you need to listen to this next story. police think we could have more victims out there. jordan schneider of parkville is under arrest. he's 19. police said he robbed an 88-year-old woman. schneider grabbed her wallet and shoved her to the ground. he was arrested not too far away now he has been linked to two sexual assaults in the area. if all this sounds familiar to you call police at 410-887-5310.
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abc2 news investigators have found out that the bus driver caught on tape feeting the passenger will not be charged. the agency said they will be make no arrests. joce sterman is here to explain why. >> reporter: we talkedded to the spokesperson of the janes. terry owens said mta has not looked at footage from the bus' own camera but said no one was seriously hurt, no weapons were iced and they can't tell who started it. the video posted on youtube shows two women, an mta driver and a passenger wrestling. they throw eother. the mta said the driver had has been with the janes since 2003 is still under investigation and they're deciding whether she will keep her job.
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the spokesperson said they have been given complaint numbers. the janes told us the driver has been suspended without pay pending an internal review. joce sterman, abc2 news. a woman is burned over half have here body? a reisterstown home. this happened on blake court. firefighters found heavy fire on the first and seven floors. the woman was found on the second floor. firefighters were busy with a fire at salvation army thrift storm. the crews were called to the store on east joppa road around 8:45 this morning. no one was hurt. all right. a chill in the air, had some nice sunshine, now the numbers flirting with the 30s. 40 in harford. 44 in bowie. eastern shore low 40s.
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easton and rock hall. wind gusts up to 15. clear skies now but we think we could see clouds tomorrow. overnight we're looking at a frost. dress warm. we'll talk about how things change for friday. >> day 17 and thousands still in the dark from superstorm sandy and laura brennan is one of the many. she lives in long island. her home was overtaken with water and repairs had to be done. after more than two weeks she said she handle others feel forgotten. >> why are we not part of the community. we're still here. >> some are turning their anger into action by suing long island power and light. now they are making their move.
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there is some action. the acting chief officer has resigned. he handed it down late tuesday, the same day that the governor, andrew cuomo said he is launching an investigation. while families work to rebuild after sandy, some are scouring the streets looking for their lost four-legged friends. the water rose so quickly that families had no time to react. the teams are going street by street in staten island trying to save pets. >> many of them suffer from stress. some of the cats have flood their urine.
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some had exturnal -- external wounds. >> animals are placed in foster care until the owners can get back home. you have to love the dave matthews band. not only is their music great, so is their spirit. they're the latest to pledge support for the victims from superstorm sandy. they're giving $1 million to a relief concert. they kick whoever their winter tour in east rutherford, new jersey. all ticket and merchandise sales will go toward a relief fund. >> president obama said the country cannot afford a tax increase on all america -- americans. >> the president laid it all out in his japped. >> reporter: in his first press conference in eight months, president obama said the
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american people knew what they were getting when they re-elected him and to take away from last week's results. >> i have a mandate to help middle class families. >> reporter: the fiscal cliff is looming at the end of the year. >> i want a big deal a comprehensive deal. >> reporter: the president reiterated he's in the backing down. >> a modest tax increase on the wasn't thy is not going to break their backs. >> reporter: congressional republicans said they're willing to compromise for a deal but on that issue they're standing firm. >> we know you can't raise taxes enough to solve the problem. >> reporter: for nearly an hour president obama took a wide range of questions and launched a strong defense of ambassador susan wright who has been under fire for the handling of the benghazi work.
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>> if senator mccain and others want to go after someone, they should go after me. i have no evidence at this point, from what i've seen, that classified information was disclosed, that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security. >> reporter: the president will meet friday at white house. leaders from both parties will meet to discuss the fiscal cliff. if you think prices are bad in baltimore, a gas station in florida is selling gas for $6:44. stations located in orlando near the popular tourist spots. the station has not been fined because orlando is not in a estate of emergency. if it were, the state could decide to investigate if it
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received complaints. that's ridiculous. >> and someone was pumping gas. >> listen, there are a lot of holiday parties coming up. >> we want you to wear a great smile. we'll give outfoods that will brighten your teeth. >> there you g -- go. the baltimorean great. >> and if you're married or data, facebook is putting together forever, but would you could do it?
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a warning about a drug widely used against breast cancer. there's news the side effects could be worse than we knew for
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older patients. >> reporter: herceptin belongs to a class of drugs. it has been effective in treating some breast cancers but it can come with a price. herceptin can cause heart muscle damage that may lead to heart failure. a study in the journal of american cardiology suggests the drug could be more dangerous than previous thought. earlier studies had excluded older patients. this one focused on them. researchers found an increase of heart problems of 10%, higher than b the authors conclude that heart failure and damage to the heart muscle are more common complications of herceptin used in older women with higher rates than reported in previous clinical trials. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> teeth whitening treatments will cost you a small fortune
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to use.e are cheap at home if you like red wine, try snacking on a cube of cheese. it coats the teeth to guard against stains. fruits and vegetables like apples, celeries and carrots can whiten your teeth. they scrub the teeth clone with their crunchiness. >> they stimulate saliva. the saliva will wash away plaque landis coloration. >> and orange peels help remove tartar and baking soda and lemon juice make a great whitener but should be used sparingly because of the acid. you'll find stories on an app
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that can predict your child's weight and mental health problems for bullies. >> don't for get to floss. here's a new feature that may have you wanting to change your relationship status to it's complicated on afternoon. facebook is taking information about users who are in a relation and creating a page for you as a couple whether you want one or not. the page details your shared posts, events, photos, you were both tagged. is this a good idea or is it over the top? are you going to rethink your facebook status. log on to our facebook page and let us know. all right. let's take a lack at maryland's most powerful radar, crystal clear but chill in the air. current conditions at bwi 44 degrees. we never got to 50.
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now, as the sun gains -- begins to set, temperatures dropping rapidly out there tonight. some sunshine today. it did make for pretty nice weather. take a look at some of our abc2 weather bug camera. a little sunshine. parkville middle blue sky was the story just about all day but a chilly northwesterly breeze. towson at towson west elementary not too far off charles avenue we found sunshine. if you're outside you will want to stop in the sun. still a north breeze tonight. that's going to help push temperatures down more rapidly under a generally crystal clear. wind chills in the 30s to the west and south toward hagerstown and patuxent river. actual air temperatures, bel
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air, baltimore, temperatures near freezing. tomorrow bouncing back mid to upper 40s. then back to freezing levels once again. again running the heater, no question about. that satellite radar view showing a few clouds blowing in out of the west. high thin clouds. we will stay dry. a dry setup, enough of a boundary sneaking through tomorrow that perhaps you'll see a little more in the way of additional cloud cover. we'll be watching for that and a bit of a s the jet stream is taking a big dip and is well offshore. as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours, the core will shift further north allowing us to dry out and warm up a little bit by friday. then we're watching for a coastal system that will develop off of south carolina and slowly make a run off the coast toward the weekend and early next week. right now projections keep this offshore. we'll cope an eye on that,
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possible things will get breezy toward the middle of next week, the all time busiest day of the week. 33, clear, cold, below freezing. tomorrow we're up to 48 or so. that's pretty much a char bon copy day. we moderate more but the clouds will increase for part of the day. if that happens, it will hold temperatures down. the next few days temperatures will bounce back friday under bright sun. saturday in the bad at all, mid-50s with sun. we'll bring in the chance for showers as we move from sunday night into early monday. as we look beyond that into that busiest travel time of the year, tuesday into wednesday. right now projections keeping the weather clear, just a little breezy perhaps by wednesday. right now the setup into our turkey day setup is not bad at all. critical. when i was in the military i used to fly on that. you zoo want so much as a rain
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shower. i had a good time today apple ton. they had some outstanding questions about the weather, superstorm sandy and the different elements and why that was such an unusual maryland storm and showed some pictures there. it was a good time in columbia. >> professor. >> it's important to teach the youth about the science. they're very smart. how many feet in a mile, they were on it. 5280. >> thanks a lot. >> it's been two weeks since superstorm sandy devastated the east coast. >> many people are still without power, including two long island sisters and they turned their frustration into human more.
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take a listen. well, they carried the taylor swift song we are never getting back together. we are never getting back our power. hopefully the sisters get their power back on. >> all right. police say he was heading to work but was in no shape to do the job. >> especially after crashing. wait until you hear what this doctor had in her system. >> it's the old switch routine at a jewelry stoarmt find out how two men walk in and walk out with a $54,000 ring.
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three people are dead after a high speed chase in georgia. the people in the car were suspicious. when the officer turned the lights on him, the car took off reaching speeds up to 100 miles an hour. it ended when the car crashed into the ambulance. the driver and two passengers were killed. a fire erupts after a small plane crashed into the house. only within person was in the house and she was able it get out there. were at least three people onboard. they have not confirmed the extent of their injuries. it was a quick switch. jewelry thieves got away with a $54,000 ring and it was captured on surveillance video. two women came into the jewelry store in florida. they replaced the real one with a faifnlgt the clerk said one of the clerk asked to bring the
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entire ring of tray out. >> she said, look, i just put drops in my eyes. i can't see it can you bring the tray out. i said can -- can't. >> that's when the switch was made. one of the women put the ripping in her purse wheel pretending to stretch. >> take this out. you're looking at the northern lights also known as the aurora borealis. you can seat lights glowing -- see the lights glowing green. you've seen this. >> more up north. >> but you've seen it up there, right? >> it's amazing. >> a spectacle. that's a phenomenon known as the
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northern lights, unbelievable. >> all right. coming up at 5:30, the president speaks for the first time about the general petraeus scandal. what he had to say about the impact on national security and what the secretary of defense is saying about the other general. >> if you're in the market for a used car. we want to let you know the misconceptions car buyers have so you don't waste your money. music: guitar, clapping and whistling throughout.
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multivitamin coming in. on it chief! look alive people! smooth and steady guys.

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